Defined by hard work and client dedication for more than three decades

Conwest Contracting was founded by John and Tony Marinelli in 1985. Having previously worked with their father in residential utilities contracting, the brothers established Conwest to expand upon their family values of hard work and perseverance, building a new platform from where they could demonstrate their client-forward focus. Since the company's inception, John, Tony, and business partner Ben Taddei have expanded Conwest Contracting into one of BC’s leading civil contractors.

The Conwest team offers exceptional insight and attention to detail whether working on an advanced specialty project or one that brings them back to the basics. Their experience, knowledge, and entrepreneurial attitude allow them to effectively deliver a wide range of projects across the Lower Mainland.

We Get It Done.

Conwest has a long track record of getting it done, and getting it done right.


Partnering to lay the foundation creating tomorrow's communities.


Rooted in family and fueled by our passion, we will develop long-term relationships and top talent to create a culture that promotes creativity and innovation to drive customized, sustainable construction solutions for our valued partners in our communities.

We get the job done, and we do it well.


We are a family.

We have deep respect for one another and share equally in our challenges and our triumphs. We foster collaborative professional relationships built on empathy, transparency, honesty and respect.

We are accountable.

We value fully engaged, accountable team players. Our people take pride in their work and the work of their team. They are willing to stand up and claim success and failure to promote learning and innovation. We show up and support one another even when things get tough. We take responsibility for our words, our actions, and our results. We honour commitments to our customer and to one another. We will do what it takes, even when it is uncomfortable or hard.

We are innovators.

We endeavour to do things differently, better, and more efficient every day. Our successes and failures are celebrated as learning opportunities and each Conwest employee has the agency - the right to stop, pay attention, and work on finding a better way - to drive innovative solutions to every day concerns. As a result, our solutions to both internal and external challenges come from all area of our business utilizing diverse and inclusive perspectives to explore possibilities that our competitors can't even see.

We care about our communities.

We have the unique opportunity to have a positive influence on the communities in which we work. We work hard to minimize disruption, conduct ourselves in a way that leaves a positive impression, and give back in meaningful ways.

Internally we promote the developments of sustainable processes, systems and tools, and use technology when and where we can to maximize the the efficient use of resources.

We persevere.

We are persistent about creating better ways of doing the things we do. We do not rest on our accomplishments but build on them to be the best we can be - setting new standards for the industry. We expect more of ourselves than our clients expect of us and we endeavour to exceed expectations on every project.

Excellence is embodied in our confident pursuit of the highest standard of quality.

We put 100% in to delivering the highest quality, innovative solutions to our clients. We are willing to put some muscle behind our promises and commitments. At Conwest, our work ethic is baked into our DNA.

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