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Our Location

250 – 1311 Kootenay Street
Vancouver, BC  V5K 4Y3

Tel. 604.294.5067
Fax. 604.293.2474

Staff Directory

Reception 604-294-5067 
Accounts Receivable 604-296-3457
Accounts Payable  604-293-2478
Name Position  Direct Phone Email
John Marinelli Principal  604-293-2461
Excavation & Shoring Division Position Direct Phone Email
Ron Cousins Estimator 604-293-3454
Al Moghadam Estimator 604-293-3460
Sam Makinen General Superintendent 604-857-3601
Civil Division Position Direct Phone Email
Tom McDougall Chief Project Manager 604-296-7994
Natal Cicuto Chief Estimator 604-293-2651
Adam Tartaglia Project Manager 604-296-2661
Landon Eeckhout Project Manager 604-293-2463
Robert Simzer Project Manager 604-293-2464
Alain Arostique Project Coordinator 604-293-3456
JP Creavin Project Coordinator 604-296-2660
Mitchell Rohm Project Coordinator 604-296-27996
Lance De Jong Senior Estimator 604-296-2474
Don Svensrüd Estimator 604-293-3452
Operations  Position Direct Phone Email
Steve Claydon Equipment Manager 604-296-7991
Ross Taylor Health and Safety Manager 604-296-7997
Ted Matson VP of Operations 604-294-2475
Marigold Lagsac Operations Coordinator 604-296-3457